Reporting and Compliance

Reporting and ComplianceAn important part of any safe training compliance program for your church is tracking of training completion and compliance with your policies.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion unique to each adult training participant is issued AFTER they successfully complete all of the components of the training course. The certificate is saved in our Training Compliance Management System for verification and reporting while giving your people the ability to save and print copies of their certificates of training completion. Additionally, our system notifies your church’s local safe training program administrator via email every time a certificate is issued for one of your people.

Certificate Verification

Each certificate has a unique verification code that can be validated at the ECO Safe Training site by your local safe training program administrator. It’s quick, easy and gives you extra assurance that the certificate is valid.


ReportsIncluded in the ECO Safe Training Programs are reporting tools for local safe training program administrator to access reports for people in your church who complete training. These on-demand reports are available 24 x 7 to authorized local safe training program administrators to make managing your church’s training compliance policies easier. Drill down the training data to provide reports on specific job categories, courses or other data in order to provide that information to appropriate leaders in your church, e.g. a list of volunteers who are eligible to volunteer in your church as they have completed training.

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