Parent Education Program

Keeping Your Child Safe e-bookAt Proud to Protect, we recognize that parents are uniquely positioned to detect signs of child abuse in their children. Additionally, we recognize that many parents will not receive training in recognizing and reporting child abuse because they do not work or volunteer in your church.

Therefore, Proud to Protect™ offers a Kindle e-book of its adult training courses for parents to learn critical information about protecting their children related to child abuse, internet safety and bullying written in a voice for parents.

The Keeping Your Child Safe™ e-book is for parent information only and does NOT include quizzes and certificates of completion. The Kindle e-book format is available for access via Amazon’s Kindle e-readers and tablets. Plus, Amazon provides free Kindle apps for Apple i-OS, Google Android and Windows Phone mobile devices as well as for use on Apple and Windows computers to ensure that the e-book can be readily accessible to your parents regardless of the technology they use.

Parents in your church will find the information in Keeping Your Child Safe™ accessible and helpful as they navigate the complicated world of protecting their children in the 21st century.

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