Children Learning Program

Children Learning ProgramThe ECO Children’s Learning Program is an age-appropriate curriculum for children in grades Pre-K through 12th grade, one lesson for each grade.

Proud to Protect’s unique methodology leverages the best of adult learning principles and online instructional techniques to train your church’s religious education leaders online to facilitate training children in person.

The Proud to Protect children curriculum program is 
TAUGHT TO CHILDREN IN PERSON with trained adults. Children are never trained in these extremely important topics online by themselves because we believe children of all ages need to know that caring, responsible adults are available to teach them and answer their questions. A trained facilitator teaches students in a 
traditional classroom setting and sends home parent packets 
so families can learn together at home.

The Children Learning Program curriculum is designed to address the challenges children face in the 21st century including technology safety, cyberbullying, bullying and child abuse related personal safety related topics.

Children Learning Program

Facilitators have access to view, download and print the age appropriate lesson plans, resource lists, handouts and other presentation materials from the online resource center for their convenience.

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